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Our Help

For emergency management to be effective, plans and contingencies at all levels must be thought-out, well-established and practiced. Our emergency management services are collaborative, comprehensive, coordinated, flexible, integrated, professional, progressive and low-risk. You are in safe hands when we are on the scene.

Food, Shelter & Clothing

A fire or flood can turn your world upside down in an instant. What do you do when you have lost everything? Where will you live? What will you eat? What will you wear?  How will you even prove who you are? We’ve got you covered. We’ll help get you emergency shelter, food, clothing, and a sense of relief that you are not alone in this crisis. You may have lost your material possessions, but you’ll never lose our expert guidance, friendship and support.


Insurance/Legal Assistance

Insurance: If there is an insurance claim involved in your crisis, our insurance team can help expedite the paperwork and lead you through the process.


Legal: Sometimes there are legal issues you must resolve before you can get things back to normal. Our legal team will work on your behalf to make sense of the situation and take the appropriate legal action.


Banking: What happens when you’ve lost your ID or bank account info and can’t prove who you are? We’ll get you unstuck and work with the bank to gain access to your accounts. Healthcare: Your health and safety is of primary importance to us. We’ll make sure you can get the care you need both now and in the future.

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Education & Employment Help

Handling a crisis can interrupt your employment and educational efforts and throw you into a tailspin. We step in to help steady the ship and train, or retrain you, to secure and retain employment or to gain the education you need to take your life to the next level.

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Advisory Team

The key to successfully managing your crisis is the Advisory Team that we assign to your case. Consisting of experts in physical damage assessment, legal assistance and a wide range of supportive services,our Advisory Team has the experience, compassion and determination to take you through the process with as little impact on your life, and the ones you love, as possible. Relief is available. Contact us today!

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Community Activities

We participate in, and coordinate a wide range of community activities, from book bag give-a-ways to turkey dinner distributions, to street fairs, and cookouts. If you have an activity that will benefit the community, and wish to partner with us, we're interested. Contact us today to discuss our availability.

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